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Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate // Current Debate

‘Speculations and Science’. 

Where imagination meets science.

New insights and opinions about design, products and services for potentially untapped markets and other future economical scenarios.

Coming up!

Studium Generale Program, Commercial Practice, year 3.

November 1 2017
9.00 – 12.30 (public program) / 13.15 – 17.00 workshops (WdKA)
Science Tower, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship,
Marconistraat 16 (9th floor), Rotterdam,

The Studium Generale ‘Science and Speculations’ focuses on the value of curiosity driven research for a future society, culture and economy. Erasmus MC has expressed the need for visual communication of experimental scientific research, to show its relevance to a broader audience.  What could be the role of speculation, experiment, serendipity and imagination forscience and innovation? What happens when art, design and science meet? Collaborations between these fields provide new professional opportunities for artists, designers, animators, data designers and other fields of visual communication.

Science and/ in Society (Hidde Boersma, scientist, journalist, film maker),  Speculation, Science, Citizens (Paulien Melis, Creative Care Lab Waag Society) Empathic Experiences (Frank Kolkman, experimental designer), Communicating Science. (David Koop, strategist, Havas /Lemz), Data Design: Science & Design: (im)possible collaborations (Clever Franke & Robert Hofstra, Clinical Genetics, Erasmus MC), New Frontiers: SYMSE – Symbiotic Machines for Space Exploration (Raoul Frese, PhD Biophysics Photosynthesis/  Energy, VU & Ivan Henriques, artist).

How can we imagine a ‘Radical Retail’ landscape?

What are possible future systems and spaces for trade and consumption in times of changing consumer behaviour, bottom-up mentality, ethical values and alternative economies?

The Studium Generale program ‘Radical Retail’ investigates the role of artists and designers.
With: BlueCity, Justien Marseille, Bump, The Girl and the Machine, Groos.

Let’s talk about:

  • A world in transition, fuelled by technological disruptive innovations.
  • “Next” design for near future economical scenarios.
  • New roles and opportunities for designers and artists.
  • Innovative and unexpected ways of creating economic value.